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The Schreiner University Choral Programs are currently comprised of two choirs University Choir and Concert Choir. The choirs perform a wide variety of genres and are under the direction of Michael Kahl. Our Schreiner choirs are open to both music and non-music majors.

Since 2007, the Schreiner Choir program has performed and toured in Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Hungary and Slovakia as well as performed in Carnegie hall. The Schreiner Choirs will be traveling to Germany in 2018 to compete in the Robert Schuman Choir Competition and Festival. Schreiner is launching our Varsity Choral Programs in the Fall of 2018, where we will have varsity ensembles including an A Cappella ensemble.

Varsity Choirs will perform at various events and competitions and will perform A Cappella, learn vocal percussion techniques, and sing solo and background vocals. This group will perform a variety of genres focusing on contemporary, modern pop music. Participants of our Varsity Choirs will represent Schreiner University at various events and competitions throughout the year.

We will be creating an environment where talented students can work together and compete at the collegiate level. By working together these students will learn and grow in their music technique and performance skills, they will create friendships within their ensemble and they will have a more enriching college experience that will help them succeed academically.